BOB-CAT zero-turn riders, stand-on, and electric start walk-behind mowers
come equipped with an Absorbent Glass Mat battery.

Documents that are included with a new mower recommend the use of an
AGM compatible charger to charge an AGM battery.  Owner’s may be
encountering difficulty locating an inexpensive AGM compatible charger.
BOB-CAT offers an inexpensive, fully automatic charger (Contact your
distribution network for pricing.).  This charger can be left on the battery
indefinitely to assure that a good state of charge is always maintained.  This
charger will pay for itself in extended battery life and customer satisfaction
when the mower starts reliably, season after season.

Charging requirements for AGM batteries are different than other types
of batteries.

BOB-CAT’s AGM charger kit is 4171973, and would be an excellent item to
offer at the time of sale of a new unit.  Below are the specifics of the AGM


Plug-in charger with automatic module rated 12V @ 1000mA
for lead acid batteries

Power Unit: Plug-in Class 2 power unit, UL/CSA listed. Rated
120VAC/12VDC @ 1000mA
Power unit case: Size 57.8mm (w) x 64.6mm (l) x 49.5mm (h),
black PC (UL/CSA listed)
Supply: 120VAC +/-10%, 60Hz
Working temperature: -10 to 35°C
Automatic module: In-line charging control module for lead
acid battery
Automatic module case: Size 24mm (w) x 60mm (l) x 18.5mm (h),
black, ABS (UL/CSA listed)
– Rated current 1000mA +/-10% at 12V
– Rated output voltage switched at 14.5V +/-0.15V
– Regulated trickle charge voltage at 13.6V +/-0.1V@10mA
– Short-circuit protected
– Reverse polarity protected
– Thermal protected in case of overload
– Battery discharge prevention in case of mains failure
– Color LED indicates state of charger
– Green – power on (if no battery connected)
– trickle charge mode (if battery connected)
– Yellow – fast charging
– Red – output short
Output Cable: AWG#24x2C, with alligator clip

If you have any questions on the above BOB-CAT service tip, please
contact BOB-CAT Customer Service toll-free at 866-469-1242.