Quick Tips – November, 2015

Quick Tip for Tracking Adjustments for Control Levers

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Simple and quick tracking adjustments can be made while on the job site,
allowing you to fine tune the performance of your BOB-CAT mower to suit
your needs.

If you find that you’re BOB-CAT ProCat or Predator-Pro mower is drifting
to one side or the other while your motion control levers are pushed all the
way out, simply turn one of the tracking adjustment knobs, located on the
front of the machine directly under each motion control lever, to aid in
straight tracking.


Rotating the tracking knobs clockwise, or into the machine, limits the motion
control lever.  Rotating the tracking knobs counter-clockwise, or out of the
machine, allows more travel for the motion control lever.

If you have any questions on these adjustments, see your Owner’s Manual or
contact BOB-CAT Customer Service toll-free at 866-469-1242.