Quick Tips – March 21, 2016

Quick Tip video of changing a transaxle drive belt on the QuickCat stand-on mower

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BOB-CAT® QuickCat mowers are the industry’s easiest stand-on mowers
to maintain and service. BOB-CAT’s service group has created a do-it-yourself
video of how to change a transaxle drive belt on the BOB-CAT QuickCat

To see how simple changing this drive belt is, please go to
www.schillergcpro.com , and log in.  Once at the site, click on On-Line
Training and you will see this and other available service training videos.

If you have any questions on the above BOB-CAT features, please refer to
the operator’s manual or bobcatturf.com for more information, or
contact BOB-CAT Customer Service toll-free at 866-469-1242.