Quick Tip September 20, 2016

Quick Tip about the features of the all new BOB-CAT® QuickCat 36″

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BOB-CAT has a new QuickCat family member – the QuickCat 36″.  Backed
by a MOW WITH CONFIDENCE WARRANTY of 6 years or 2,000 hours,
this stand-on mower brings the QuickCat commercial toughness into a smaller
package. BOB-CAT’s three pillars of Durability, Quality of Cut, and Ease of
Ownership are supported by the QuickCat 36″ features including:

  • Selectable mowing speeds with an optimal mowing speed at 7 mph
    and transport speed up to 9mph.
  • Flip-up floor plate allowing the stand-on mower to be used as a
  • Protected fuel tank that is low centered for optimal stability
    and balance.
  • DuraDeck lifetime deck and engine deck warranty.
  • Exclusive Zero-T Drive tires
  • Tethered, yet removable rider pad for industry leading serviceability.
  • Compact size for maneuvering in tight spaces, loading on crowded
    trailers and getting through gates.

Check out the new QuickCat 36″ today!


If you have any questions on the above BOB-CAT Quick Tip, please contact
BOB-CAT Customer Service toll-free at 866-469-1242.