Quick Tip June 3, 2016

Quick Tip about changing the oil on your BOB-CAT® mower

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BOB-CAT mowers come standard with an easy to use tool-less engine oil
drain assembly. With plenty of hose length to accommodate various oil
pans and styles, BOB-CAT’s oil drain hose allows a user to quickly change
the engine oil of any BOB-CAT mower and spend less time on regularly
scheduled engine maintenance. This feature supports one of BOB-CAT’s
key strengths – Ease of Ownership.

See below for service instructions when changing the engine oil.
Pictured is a BOB-CAT walk-behind mower. Other models will vary in

While the engine is warm:

  1. Release the oil drain hose assembly from the engine clip J. Lay hose
    assembly over the frame edge or through the frame cutout, whichever
    is most convenient.
  2. Remove the rubber cap D from the tip of the hose assembly and turn
    the drain valve to allow oil to drain from the engine.
  3. Clean drain valve and tighten the plastic portion of the drain valve
    back into the metal portion of the valve. Replace rubber cap over the
    tip of the valve. Replace hose assembly back into engine clip.
  4. Change oil filter.
  5. Fill the crankcase with fresh oil to the full mark. Do not overfill. See
    engine manual for oil specifications.
  6. Dispose of used oil in accordance with local requirements.

If you have any questions on the above BOB-CAT service tip, please contact
BOB-CAT Customer Service toll-free at 866-469-1242.