BOB-CAT zero-turn mowers come equipped to accept a 12V accessory plug.
If the model you have does not already have the 12V plug as a standard feature,
note that the needed wiring for this 12V outlet is already part of the main
harness of the mower.  Below a BOB-CAT CRZ mower is shown with and
without the 12V plug.  Other locations for the 12V plug may vary mower to







To install the 12V plug as an accessory, simply push the 12V plug into the
corresponding hole and snap into place by aligning the tabs accordingly.  Attach
the 12V pigtail of the main mower harness onto the 12V plug.  The 12V pigtail
will be located near the 12V plug cut-out of the machine, and the terminals of the
harness pigtail will align only one way onto the terminals of the 12V plug.

If you have any questions on the above BOB-CAT accessory, please contact
BOB-CAT Customer Service toll-free at 866-469-1242.