BOB-CAT® Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mowers
BOB-CAT® Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mowers

Zero-Turn Riding

These rugged, ruthless riding machines pack the stamina you need to tackle more turf in less time. No bells. No whistles. Nothing stands between you and a perfect cut with every pass.

Predator-Pro™ 7000 Zero-Turn Mower

Predator-Pro™ 7000—Nothing less than the best

When people like us do business, we mean business. So when you want to see the biggest, baddest mower in the lineup, look no further than the Predator-Pro™.

No one messes with a ProCat™

Staying professional takes more than keeping up appearances. These game-changing machines are built to tame acres of unforgiving turf—whether you do it for the money or just to remind nature who’s in charge.

ProCat™ Series Zero-Turn Mowers
FastCat™ Zero-Turn Mower

Take the ride you’ve earned on a FastCat™

Power through your workday with a mower built for professional-grade, relentless performance and backed by all-day comfort to keep you unstoppable.

Tame your turf with
the XRZ™ or CRZ™

Whether you’re mowing your own lawn or out to make stacks of cash, this turf belongs to you. The XRZ™ series and CRZ™ lineup deliver the premium features and the professional-grade cut you’ve always wanted.
XRZ™ & CRZ™ Series Zero-Turn Mowers
Predator-Pro 7000ProCat SeriesFastCatPro SEXRZ Pro RS / XRZ Pro XRZ / CRZ
Acreage5+5+2 - 45+0 - 4
Jobs per Week7+7+7+4 - 61 - 3
Deck Size (inches)61 - 7248 - 6136 - 4248 - 6142 - 61
Obstacles / TerrainNoneNoneMany SomeSome
Budget$11,200 - $12,600$7,500 - $10,200$6,000 - $7,000$6,000 - $8,000$3,000 - $6,000