BOB-CAT® stand-on lawn mower
BOB-CAT® stand-on lawn mower


More freedom to get the job done your way—the right way—with greater agility, stability and maneuverability.

QuickCat™ Stand-On Lawn Mower

QuickCat™—Stand Up to Downtime

More than the sum of its parts, a stand-on mower at this level means more power, more opportunity. The ability to take down one job and roar fearlessly on to the next. Find your freedom in this machine and leave downtime in the dust.

Predator-Pro 7000ProCat SeriesQuickCat4000XRZ Pro RS / XRZ Pro
Jobs per Week7+7+7+4 - 6
Deck Size (Inches)61 - 7248 - 6136 - 6148 - 61
Obstacles / TerrainNoneNoneManySome
Budget$11,200 - $12,600$7,500 - $10,200$7000 - $8000$6,000 - $8,000