The ultimate in stand-on mower durability, quality of cut and ease of ownership

Built on over 40 years of engineering and manufacturing excellence to be the best performing, most reliable and toughest stand-on mower ever, the nimble BOB-CAT® QuickCat, available in 36", 48", 52" and 61" models, makes quick work of the most challenging commercial turf jobs on small or large-acreage estates. Its ground speed, confidence-inspiring stability and all-day comfort make the QuickCat the new standard in stand-on mowers.

The QuickCat Features:

  • 8 mph mowing speed and up to 10.5 mph transport speed
  • Optimal operator station placement for excellent center
    of mass stability
  • Extra-large drive tires for a smoother ride and better traction
  • Low placement of the fuel tank for improved balance on
    uneven ground
  • Large fuel tank for all-day mowing without refueling
  • Compact size for maneuvering in tight spaces and loading
    on crowded trailers
  • True floating deck improves cut quality and maintenance
  • Extra ground clearance to safely move on and off high curbs
  • Extra-strong DuraDeck mower deck, backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • 6-Year 2000 hours limited warranty
Product Specs

Product Specs

Power Options
Model Description Engine Make Displacement
912360 QuickCat 36 Kawasaki® FX 600V Kawasaki FX600V 603 cc [36.8 cu. in.]
912480 QuickCat 48 Kawasaki® FX 651V Kawasaki FX651V 726 cc [44.3 cu. in.]
912520 QuickCat 52 Kawasaki® FX691V Kawasaki FX691V 726 cc [44.3 cu. in.]
912610 QuickCat 61 Kawasaki® FX 730 Kawasaki FX730V 726 cc [44.3 cu. in.]
Model Deck Size Blade Tip Speed
QuickCat 36 Kawasaki® FX 600V 36" 17,600 fpm @ 3,550 engine rpm
QuickCat 48 Kawasaki® FX 651V 48" 18,000 fpm @ 3,550 engine rpm
QuickCat 52 Kawasaki®FX 691V 52" 18,400 fpm @ 3,550 engine rpm
QuickCat 61 Kawasaki®FX 730V 61" 18,800 fpm @ 3,550 engine rpm
Deck Design:   DuraDeck Cutting System Leading Edges: Adjustable Anti-Scalp Rollers: 4 Cutting Height: 1.5" - 4.5" Discharge: Flexible molded polymer
Model Ground Speed
QuickCat 36 Kawasaki® FX 600V 9 mph
QuickCat 48 Kawasaki® FX 651V 10.5 mph
QuickCat 52 Kawasaki® FX 691V 10.5 mph
QuickCat 61 Kawasaki® FX 7320V 10.5 mph
Transmission: HG ZT 3100 for 36" Hydrostatic Transaxles and HG ZT-3400 Hydrostatic Transaxles for 48" through 61" Pump Size: 12 cc
ModelDrive Wheel SizeFront Caster SizeCaster Type
QuickCat 36 Kawasaki® FX600V20 x 8-1011 x 4.0-5Pneumatic
QuickCat 48 Kawasaki® FX 651V23 x 8.5-12.013 x 5.0-6Pneumatic
QuickCat 52 Kawasaki® FX 691V23 x 10.5-12.013 x 5.0-6Pneumatic
QuickCat 61 Kawasaki® FX 730V23 x 10.5-12.013 x 5.0-6Pneumatic
ModelDeck SizeGallons
QuickCat 36 Kawasaki® FX 600V36"5.1 gallons
QuickCat 48 Kawasaki® FX 651V48"6.5 gallons
QuickCat 52 Kawasaki®FX 691V52"6.5 gallons
QuickCat 61 Kawasaki®FX 730V61"6.5 gallons
Model Machine Weight/ Wet Machine Width Chute Up Machine Height Machine Length
QuickCat 36 Kawasaki® FX 600V 775 lbs 36" 44" 64"
QuickCat 48 Kawasaki® FX 651V 886 lbs 49" 44" 64"
QuickCat 52 Kawasaki® FX 691V 916 lbs 55" 44" 64"
QuickCat 61 Kawasaki® FX 730V 953 lbs 63" 44" 68"
Operator Platform

Adjustment: Flip up and latch

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