BOB-CAT’s® New Premium Belts on Boss Vac Collection System

Before you know it the fall collection season will be upon us. BOB-CAT has
improved its blower system belts on Boss-Vac and Boss-Vac Pro collection
systems.  The new premium belts include:

  • An aramid blend cord that provides high tensile strength for improved
    shock load resistance and stretch resistance.
  • A lower chord position inside the belt which makes it advantageous in
    backside idler applications.
  • A bare back cover, colored blue, without rubber impregnation, that
    protects the belt from heat
  • Belt compound that is oil and heat resistant synthetic rubber.

New part numbers for these durable belts are listed below with respect to
the deck size of your BOB-CAT mower:

Deck Size Belt Part Number
48in 4174417
52in 4174418
61in 4137080
72in 4174419


The new upgraded blower belts for your BOB-CAT Boss-Vac and
Boss-Vac Pro collection systems are available today.

If you have any questions on the BOB-CAT Quick Tip please contact
BOB-CAT Customer Service toll-free at 866-469-1242.