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Like you, BOB-CAT® doesn’t worry about what others are doing or saying. We don’t concern ourselves with popular notions. We only care about what it can be—precisely the same way you think about your business, your home, your life. That’s why you choose BOB-CAT®. And that’s why we work every bit as hard as you do, to meet your approval.


BOB-CAT® operator manuals are designed to help our customers achieve the results they’re looking for as reliably, efficiently and safely as possible.

Parts Lookup

BOB-CAT® engineers components that help you achieve the cut and finish that meets your high standards—every time. Find BOB-CAT® OEM replacement parts here.


At BOB-CAT®, we put our money where our mouth is with our industry-leading MOW WITH CONFIDENCE limited warranties.

6-Year Limited Warranty

Our zero-turn and stand-on mowers are backed with nothing but the best. When you buy a BOB-CAT®, you better believe it comes with nothing but the best.

MOW WITH CONFIDENCE™ 6 year limited warranty

6-year / 2,750 hour Limited Warranty

Available on the Predator-Pro™ 7000, ProCat™ 6000MX and ProCat™ 6000 models.

6-year / 2,000 hour Limited Warranty

Available on the ProCat™ 5000, QuickCat™ 4000 and FastCat™ Pro SE models.

6-year / 1,200 hour limited warranty

Available on the XRZ™ Pro RS models.

6 -year / 1,000 hour limited warranty

Available on the XRZ™ Pro models.

6-year / 600 hour limited warranty

Available on the XRZ™ models.

6-year / 500 hour Limited Warranty

Available on the CRZ™ models.

3-Year Limited Warranty

Walk the walk with confidence with our industry-leading warranty on your Gear-Drive and Hydro-Drive mowers.

MOW WITH CONFIDENCE™ 3 year limited warranty

1-year Mower / 3-year Engine Warranty

Available on the Commercial 21-inch Walk-Behind models.

BOB-CAT® TufDeck™ | Baffles

Lifetime Decks

Your deck is the most important part of your mower. Protect what’s yours with our Limited Lifetime Deck Warranty. Available on commercial zero-turn riding mowers.


Sheffield Financial
Sheffield Finance center

Retail financing available on all 2015—2020 BOB-CAT® mowers, new and unused.

Yard Card Financing
Yard card financing

Special financing promotions available on all BOB-CAT® equipment. 0% financing for up to 54 months. Financing offer subject to credit approval. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.

Mower Finance
Mower Financing

Financing needs available for both small and large transactions, offering both good and bad (or challenged) credit programs. We are committed to serving the financing needs of dealers and their customers in the landscaping industry.