When you value everyday productivity, put ProCat value and performance on your crew. We've redesigned it with the same wide array of ride comfort, anti-vibration and ergonomic features as the Predator-Pro to deliver a great cut with less operator fatigue. You'll also cut downtime, thanks to ProCat reliability and easy-access maintenance. In other words, it's the total package.


The BOB-CAT® ProCat comes at you with a redesigned frame for better visibility, a seat platform that's 2 inches lower for enhanced center of gravity, and more responsive controls. The frame has been redesigned for better operator visibility and for closer trimming without collateral damage to landscaping, trees and buildings. There's less slip and more grip on hills and slopes. New control levers eliminate lost linkage motion for smoother operation and less wheel marking and spin.


A great ride shouldn't be an option. We've reduced operator fatigue with the new ISO-Ride Comfort System. Provides unmatched support plus total isolation from shock and vibration for a better all-day ride. The custom operator zone adjusts easily for a comfortable ride and provides maximum control with minimal effort.


A great cut just got better! We're setting the standard for discharge design, The Extreme Discharge System allows you to produce a world-class cut on all types of turf. Providing improved clipping dispersal and preventing scalping and damage to turf, the DuraDeck helps you take charge and get the job done right. Equipped with a new resilient molded rubber discharge chute for improved clipping dispersal, BOB-CAT® keeps you moving forward.

The wider opening and standard Eliminator blades on our NEW 61" rear discharge DuraDeck leaves behind a great finish. Keeps clippings, dirt and debris behind you...where it belongs. Lets you trim on both sides without having to worry about where the discharge is going. This rear discharge mower helps reduces clean-up time and gives you a great cut without compromise


Durable ProCat zero-turn mowers now offer easy-access maintenance. The forward tilting seat makes routine maintenance simple with easy access to the mower deck belt drive, hydraulic oil filter and PTO clutch. The ProCat also includes a tool-free drain valve.


ProCat rider mowers maximize productivity with deck sizes in 48", 52", 61" and 72" side discharge and 61" rear discharge. We have a range of power options from Kawasaki® and Kohler® with a 2011 EPA-compliant fuel system and 14 gallon fuel capacity. Ground speeds up to 11.5 mph and fewer stops to refill keep you moving forward. ProCat commercial zero turn mowers execute a precise cut. Maneuvering around landscape obstacles is even easier with the redesigned frame that provides better operator visibility. ProCat is the total package for productivity and performance.

Product Specs

Product Specs

Power Options
ModelDescriptionEngine MakeDisplacement
942532ProCat 52" Kawasaki® FX651VKawasaki® FX651V726 cc [44.3 cu. in.]
942533ProCat 61" Kawasaki® FX730VKawasaki® FX730V726 cc [44.3 cu. in.]
942535ProCat 52" Kawasaki® FX801VKawasaki® FX801V852 cc [51.9 cu. in.]
942534ProCat 61" Kawasaki® FX801VKawasaki® FX801V726 cc [51.9 cu. in.]
942536ProCat EFI 52" Kohler® ECV730Kohler® ECV730 EFI747 cc [45.6 cu. in.]
942537ProCat EFI 61" Kohler® ECV749Kohler® ECV749 EFI747 cc [45.6 cu. in.]
ModelDeck SizeBlade Tip SpeedBlades
ProCat 52" Kawasaki® FX651V52" SD18,404 fpm3 - 18" High Lift Offset .250" thick
ProCat 61" Kawasaki® FX730V61" SD18,809 fpm3 - 21" High Lift Offset .250" thick
ProCat 52" Kawasaki® FX801V52" SD18,809 fpm3 - 18" High Lift Offset .250" thick
ProCat 61" Kawasaki® FX801V61" SD18,809 fpm3 - 21" High Lift Offset .250" thick
ProCat EFI 52" Kohler®  ECV73052" SD18,809 fpm3 - 18" High Lift Offset .250" thick
ProCat EFI 61" Kohler®  ECV74961" SD18,809 fpm3 - 21" High Lift Offset .250" thick
Deck Design: DuraDeck fabricated, formed and welded 10-gauge, reinforcements of 10-gauge, 7-gauge, and 3-gauge. Reinforced front lip and trim side. Patented Double-Wave Baffle System increases lift for a better cut. Discharge: On side discharge models, oversize flexible molded polymer chute controls airflow to improve clipping dispersal, 72 in. model molded rubber chute. Deck Skirts: 7-gauge Skirts Anti-Scalp Rollers: Up to 7 adjustable anti-scalp rollers on front and rear Spindle Type: Maintenance Free w/1" Shaft Bearings: Double-sealed, precision ground ball bearings Cutting Height: 1 inch – 5.5 inches in ¼ inch increments Deck Lift Type: Manual hand lift with spring assist / RH or LH Quick Lift Foot Lift Pedal Deck Drive: Warner Mag Stop 225 ft. lb. electric clutch
ModelGround Speed
ProCat 52" Kawasaki® FX651V11.5 mph
ProCat 61" Kawasaki® FX730V11.5 mph
ProCat 52" Kawasaki® FX801V11.5 mph
ProCat 61" Kawasaki® FX801V11.5 mph
ProCat EFI 52" Kohler® ECV73011.5 mph
ProCat EFI 61" Kohler® ECV74911.5 mph

Transmission: Twin Hydro-Gear variable displacement pumps with hydraulic oil cooler and Parker wheel motors

Pump Size: 12cc

ModelFront TiresRear TiresBrake
ProCat 52" Kawasaki® FX651V13 x 6.50-6 Pneumatic caster wheels23 x 10.50-12 4-plyDrum
ProCat 61" Kawasaki® FX730V13 x 6.50-6 Pneumatic caster wheels24 x 12.0-12 4-plyDrum
ProCat 52" Kawasaki® FX801V13 x 6.50-6 Pneumatic caster wheels23 x 10.50-12 4-plyDrum
ProCat 61" Kawasaki® FX801V13 x 6.50-6 Pneumatic caster wheels24 x 12.0-12 4-plyDrum
ProCat EFI 52" Kohler® ECV73013 x 6.50-6 Pneumatic caster wheels23 x 10.50-12 4-plyDrum
ProCat EFI 61" Kohler® ECV74913 x 6.50-6 Pneumatic caster wheels24 x 12.0-12 4-plyDrum

Fuel Capacity 14 Gallons

Hour Meter Digital hour meter with service minder for engine oil and filter, engine air filter and hydraulic oil and filter

ModelMachine Weight/ WetMachine LengthMachine Height
(with ROPS down)
ProCat 52" Kawasaki® FX651V1256 lbs82"49"
ProCat 61" Kawasaki® FX730V1293 lbs82"49"
ProCat 52" Kawasaki® FX801V1256 lbs82"49"
ProCat 61" Kawasaki® FX801V1293 lbs82"49"
ProCat EFI 52" Kohler® ECV7301256 lbs82"49"
ProCat EFI 61" Kohler® ECV7491293 lbs82"49"

All ProCat models standard with folding ROPS.

Operator Platform

Seat: Mechanical Suspension Seat High Back with Full Vibration Isolation - Fore and Aft adjusters - Quick Adjust Armrests

Superior Ride Comfort with ISO-Ride and Custom Operator Zone. Custom operator zone adjusts easily for a comfortable ride and makes BOB-CAT® a perfect fit for any operator. The custom operator zone also provides maximum control with minimal effort.

  • Elastomeric fabric seat suspension to isolate vibration and absorbs shock for a better all-day ride.

  • Elastomeric radial bearings isolate against shock and vibration.

  • Vibration isolators help prevent fatigue and numbness in feet and legs.

  • Operator position lowered by 2" to provides a table center of gravity, better visibility, and improved traction and handling.

  • Motion control lever design yields more legroom and provides smoother control.

  • Adjustable armrests are a perfect fit for any size.

  • On-the-fly tracking allows fine-tuning for easy straight line operations.



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