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BOB-CAT Broadens FastCat Line with Introduction of New Pro 61 Mowers 
Mark your 2009 GIE & EXPO map with a big red paw as a reminder to visit the BOB-CAT booth to see the new FastCat Pro 61, making its debut in Louisville this fall. BOB-CAT is poised to bring economy, utility and performance to the large property commercial landscaper with the introduction of the FastCat Pro 61 – a 61-inch deck zero-turn riding mower that is performance-packed and full-on commercial at a fraction of the weight of larger, harder riding units.  
The new BOB-CAT FastCat Pro 61 offers power features that include; Hydro-Gear Commercial ZT-3400 Transaxles (optimized 12cc pump and motor) that provide for higher ground speed and higher load capabilities, a heavy-duty canister air filter for trouble-free performance, and your choice of commanding engine: 23hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard or 24 hp Kawasaki FX Series. BOB-CAT’s commercial triple-blade 61” DuraDeck™ with Extreme Discharge System, 4-point adjustment and 7 anti-scalp rollers supply a crisp, clean, even cut ensured by the Quick-Lift foot assist pedal that raises and lowers the deck without locking it into position, putting the operator in complete control over the terrain. Fully-dampened height adjustable operator controls cradle the thrown - a luxurious High-Back Flex-Suspension™ seat that utilizes calibrated resistance to provide for a smooth, vibration-free ride. The FastCat Pro 61 utilizes a lighter footprint and strategic weight distribution to reduce turf marking and tire slippage and the units’ 49-inch stance and 23-inch drive wheels provide for better ground clearance with superior traction for more precise handling.  
Simply put, if you mow for a living - the FastCat Pro 61 is a must-try at this year’s GIE & EXPO. Visit BOB-CAT’s inside booth #4054 to learn more then give the new mowers a test drive at the BOB-CAT outside demo area (booth #7506D) located in the middle of all of the action where the Brat booth was in 2008.  

BOB-CAT FastCat Pro 61 Features: 
•    Briggs & Stratton 23hp Vanguard V-Twin Engine
•    Kawasaki 24hp FX Series V-Twin Engine 
– 2-Year Commercial Warranty 
– Donaldson Cyclopac HD Air Cleaner  
– Full Pressure Lube with Spin-On Oil Filter 
– Remote Drain Hose
•    Hydro-Gear Commercial ZT-3400 Transaxles 
– Cut Steel Gears 
– Integrated Parking Brake 
– Guarded Spin-On External Hydro Filter 
– Optimized 12cc Pump & Motor for Higher Ground Speeds 
•    61” Side Discharge DuraDeck™ 
– Extreme Discharge System 
– 7 Adjustable Anti-Scalp Rollers 
– Molded Rubber Discharge Chute 
– Single Deck Drive Belt
•    Flex-Suspension™ Seat, High-Back   
– Center Mounted Slide Control 
– Height Adjustable Armrests 
– Low Frequency Vibration Dampening 
•    23” Drive Wheels 
– 49-inch Wide Stance Provides Excellent Traction, Stability & Handling 
•    Warranty 
– Dual Choice 2-Year/2000 Hour or 5-Year/500 Hour 
Can’t make it to Louisville or wait until October to learn more? Take an on-line tour of the new FastCat Pro 61 at and contact your local BOB-CAT dealer to schedule a demo. To locate a BOB-CAT dealer near you, use the ‘Dealer Locator’ link on the website or contact BOB-CAT toll-free at 1-866-469-1242 to speak to a representative. 
Model No.          942404F, 23hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard, V-Twin 
               942405F, 24hp Kawasaki FX Series, V-Twin 
Engine Specs: 
Displacement –     627 cc (23 hp B&S Vanguard engine)  
Displacement –     726 cc (24 hp Kawasaki FX engine) 
    Air Filtration        Donaldson Cyclopac HD Air Cleaner - Canister
    Fuel Capacity         8.5 Gallons (dual tanks)  
    Lubrication        Full Pressure - Spin-On Filter 
    Warranty (engine)    2-Year Engine Commercial Warranty (by Manufacturer) 

Deck Specs:   
Model –           61” DuraDeck™ - 4-Point Adjustable with Extreme Discharge System 
    Anti-Scalps          7 Rollers - 13” 
    Cutter Spindle Type    Top Mounted 7” Diameter – 6 Bolt Maintenance-Free  
                With 1” Shaft & Split Steel Pulleys 
    Cutter Spindle Bearings     Double-Sealed, Precision Ground Ball Bearings  
    Cutting Height          1.5” – 4.875” 
    Deck Design        Fabricated – Two Layer 10-Gauge Top Deck, Plus 
                7-Gauge Reinforcements - Reinforced Front Lip
    Deck Drive        125 lb. ft. Warner Electric Clutch – Single Belt Drive 
    Deck Baffle        10-Guage, Fully Baffled Front & Rear 
    Deck Frame        Formed & Welded Steel  
    Deck Lift            Manual with Quick-Lift Foot Assist 
    Deck Skirts        Formed & Welded Steel, 7-Gauge

Unit Specs: 
Dimensions     83"L x 73"W (chute down) x 47"H  
Parking Brake     Internal Integrated Brake 
Seat          Flex-Suspension™ High Back w/Armrest Seat with     
            Elastomeric Radial Bearing Suspension 
Speed           Mowing: Up to 10 mph 
              Ground: 10 mph Forward – 3.5 mph Reverse  
Steering       Adjustable, Fully Dampened Twin Lever 
Transmission     Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 Commercial Drive Transaxles  
               Variable Displacement with Optimized 12cc Pump & Motor 
Weight          931 lbs. 
Warranty        Dual Choice: 2-Yr/2000 Hr or 5-Yr/500 Hr  
             (Engine and Battery Warranted Separately by Manufacturers) 
Wheel Stance     49” Wide 
Tire Dimensions          FRONT: 13” x 5” x 6”, 4-ply 
                     REAR: 23” x 10.5” x 12” 
Digital Hour Meter, Cup Holder, Storage Area, Polyester Based Powder Coat Paint, Yellow Dichromate Plating, 12 Volt DC Accessory Outlet, High Back w/Armrest Flex-Suspension™ Seat, Accessory Outlet, Sealed Maintenance Free Battery, Replaceable/Serviceable Front Caster Supports, Adjustable Control Levers, Canister Air Filtration. 
3.75 or 5-Bushel Dump Grass Catcher, 2-post Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS), fold-down with seat belt, 61” Mulch Baffle Kit, ECO Plate Kit, ZT Hitch Kit.
About BOB-CAT FastCat Zero-Turn Riding Mowers 
In 2006, BOB-CAT introduced the compact FastCat line of zero-turn riding mowers - tough, affordable zero-turn riding mowers designed for the lawn care professional and discriminating homeowner. The FastCat line includes: 
FastCat RZ: The FastCat RZ is designed for the large property owner who wants an affordable, commercial quality zero-turn mower that delivers a high quality of cut. The FastCat RZ doesn’t sacrifice comfort! The ergonomically designed controls and high back adjustable seat with armrests make mowing a pleasure. 

Models:     42” Deck w/22hp Briggs & Stratton ELS V-Twin engine
        52” Deck w/26hp Briggs & Stratton ELS V-Twin engine
Mowing Speed: up to 8 mph
Standard High-Back Bucket Seat w/Arm Rests
Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 Transaxles 

FastCat Pro: The FastCat Pro is designed for the professional who demands a durable, functional zero-turn mower that performs day in and day out. The FastCat Pro features Canister Air Filtration, Hydro-Gear Transaxles, Commercial DuraDeck™ with Extreme Discharge System and a High-Back Flex-Suspension™ seat that provides a smooth, vibration-free ride.  

Models:    36" Deck w/17hp Kawasaki Kai V-Twin engine
        48" Deck w/20hp Kawasaki FX Series V-Twin engine
        52" Deck w/22hp Kawasaki FX Series V-Twin engine
        NEW 61” Deck w/23hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-Twin engine
        NEW 61” Deck w/24hp Kawasaki FX Series V-Twin engine
Mowing Speed: up to 8 mph (36”, 48” & 52” decks) up to 10 mph (61” deck)
High-Back Flex-Suspension™ Seat w/Adjustable Arm Rests
Heavy-Duty Canister Air Filter
Hydro-Gear Transaxles: ZT-3100 (36”, 48” & 52” decks), ZT-3400 (61“ deck) 

FastCat Model Chart:

 Line    FastCat RZ    FastCat RZ    FastCat Pro    FastCat Pro    FastCat Pro    FastCat Pro    FastCat Pro
 Model #    942311F    942313F    942291F    942298F    942299F    942404F NEW    942405F NEW
 Cutting Width    42”    52”    36”    48”    52”    61”    61“
 Cut Height    1.5” – 4.875”    1.5” – 5”
 No. of Blades    2    3    3    3    3    3    3
 Engine Make    Briggs & Stratton    Kawasaki    Kawasaki    Kawasaki    Briggs & Stratton    Kawasaki
 Engine Model    ELS V-Twin    Kai V-Twin    FX Series V-Twin    Vanguard V-Twin    FX Series V-Twin
 Gross Power (hp)    22    26    17    20    22    23    24
 Displacement    721cc    721cc    585cc    603cc    726cc    627cc    726cc
 Fuel Capacity (gal)    8.5 (Dual Tanks)    8.5 (Dual Tanks)    8.5 Dual Tanks
 Drive System –
 Transmission    Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 Transaxles    Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 Transaxles    Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 Transaxles
 Max Speed (mph)    8    8    8    8    8    10    10
 Drive Tire Size    20”    23”
 Dimensions (unit)    79” x 52” x 46”    76” x 64” x 46”    79” x 46” x 46”    76” x 58” x 46”    76” x 64” x 46”    83” x 73” x 47”    83” x 73” x 47”
 Unit Weight (lbs)    733    840    705    766    840    931    931
 Warranty (unit)    3-yr Res. or 90-day Comm.    2-year/2000 hour or 5-year/500 hour    2-year/2000 hour or 5-year/500 hour

Try the entire line of BOB-CAT FastCat Zero-Turn Riding Mowers for yourself at the GIE & EXPO in Louisville, KY this fall. Visit BOB-CAT at their booth (inside #4054, outside #7506D) to learn more and the give the BOB-CAT FastCat line a try!

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